A&B Position Statement 2016


Faith Ewbank, a 47-year resident of Maui, is a mother and grandmother who has testified at many Maui County and Hawaii State hearings. Her interest in island agriculture inspired her recent turn from graphic design to writing.

Statement from Alexander & Baldwin, Inc. (A&B):

“Our vision for diversified ag is creating a patchwork of smaller farms on our 36,000 acres on Maui by farming some of the land on our own, partnering with others and leasing land to other farmers. We are assessing the most viable crops for the many microclimates and soil types that exist, including food and orchard crops, energy crops and grass-finished livestock operations.

Moving to a diversified agriculture model also gives us an opportunity to try new approaches to farming. We’re considering crop rotation, intercropping, precision agriculture and other conservation ag practices, prioritizing trials that emphasize soil health and maximize resource efficiency.

Some of our early pasture tests have shown promise. We’re expanding livestock operations trials with the conversion of 4,000 acres to improved pasture for grass-finished cattle. Some of these pasture trials will include supplemental irrigation to offset the risk of drought.”

For more about A&B: AlexanderBaldwin.com/our-company/what-we-do

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