Taro Festival Best Ever Stage for Water Rights


Faith Ewbank, a 47-year resident of Maui, is a mother and grandmother who has testified at many Maui County and Hawaii State hearings. Her interest in island agriculture inspired her recent turn from graphic design to writing.

lo‘i kalo taro

As the 24th Annual Taro Fest commences this Saturday, the headline hogging water issue could not find a better stage. In a series of rapid measures, sugar cane conglomerate Alexander & Baldwin (A&B), through political persuasion, has recently authored legislative bill language trying to undue a court decision ruling that temporary permits for water diversions from East Maui is, unallowable. Itʻs audacious, illegal and a massive waste of tax payers money. As if the Public Trust Doctrine to Water Rights is not enough.

A series of rapid lawmaking events have led up to this celebrated weekend in the eastern most part of Maui island. The Taro Festival has become a gathering event of sound popularity, an estimated crowd of 4,00 will travel 52 miles, over 54 bridges and take over 620 turns. With a crowd purposely seeking culture at its finest, the topic of water so eminently positioned,  is sure to provide an open mic weekend.

In a true expression of gratitude for the wealth the event provided, a $7,000 grant from Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) was granted to the community to help with organization. CEO, Kamanaopono Crabbe first attended the event in 1996.

Event poster and details can be found at TaroFest.org

2016 Taro Fest Poster